Date1st Service
08-27 Betty Bradshaw (S), Dan and Vanda Marsh (Ll)
09-03 Pat Pape (S), Marilyn and Tom Dashiell (LL)
09-10 Nancy Carlson (S), Kim Vander Schaaf (LL)
09-17 Diane Ingram (S), Rich and Nancy Wilen (LL)
09-24 Don and Marylou Winthers (S), Pat and John Viccha (LL)
10-01 Emily Breckman (S), Lori and John Whitnell (LL)
10-08 Ron and Sue Lundal (S), Don and Marylou Winthers (LL)
10-15 Al Lamar (S), Barb and Jim DeBoer (LL)
10-22 Grant Eckhoff (S), Nancy Carlson (LL)
Date2d Service -only one service in summer
09-10 Bob and Diane Marsh (S), Beth Baumgartner (LL)
09-17 Mike and Dawn Harrington (S), Tom Hansen (LL)
09-24 Bryon and Pat Noeske (S), Jan Stewart (LL)
10-01 Terry and Barb Kohn (S), Fred and Dawn Amundsen (LL)
10-08 Lillian Danielsen (S), Mary Cox (LL)
10-15 Bud and Anne Krick (S), Demetrios Pappageorge (LL)
10-22 Carolyn Lukens (S), Sherri and Carlo DAgostino (LL)